‘Heat and Eat’ spare ribs that cook from frozen.

Rib Street produces quality products that have been pre-cooked ‘sous vide’. Our ribs are seasoned then vacuum packed before going into a warm water bath for up to 20 hours. This cooking method intensifies flavours, producing succulent, tender meat. We supply restaurants, pubs, cafes and other retail outlets with ribs and pulled pork, frozen or fresh.

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Exciting news, next week we take delivery of our new smoker, meaning we will soon be adding smoked pork ribs onto our list of goodies. I can't wait!

New Menu

Rib Street is being true to it's name and begins serving the new Rib Box this week. Beautiful pork ribs with a choice of glazes and sauces to take away with our signature lemon and mustard coleslaw. We are developing three new glazes to go with our Barbecue, Hot Barbecue and Spiced Plum. These new glazes take the beautiful cider produced by Friar's Tipple in the Vale of Evesham and reduce it down to a Cider Glaze, a Spiced Cider Glaze and Toffee Apple. They will be appearing over the next few weeks so make sure you come and try them.


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